Here are some photos of my "Frost Cloth Tent" that I constructed in my greenhouse to protect my Plumeria plants this winter.
It only took me a couple hours to get it all together. I planned it all in my head beforehand. That took longer! LOL

The tent keeps my plants approximately 5 to 6 degrees warmer with no additional lights or heat - which is just enough to keep them above the cold damage stage. It is made from frost cloth that is stapled to the rafters of my greehouse in one large, continuous piece lengthwise. Then the back piece is stapled to the rafter as well and wrapped around the sides of the tent and stapled back on itself. The front piece is stapled to the rafter in the same way - then cuts were made to accept frost cloth ties. The ties made it easier to keep the flaps together and keep the cold out - and also makes it easy to get inside if I need to. Even my tallest Plumeria tree (7+' tall) fits in nicely. The tent can be deconstructed in the Spring and the frost cloth folded up for next winter.

Dimensions are approximately: 16' long x 8' wide x 8' high

These are photos of the interior of the tent. As you can see, my Plumerias still have their leaves this year.
I did not want to cut them off. I usually do but this year I decided to see how they do with the leaves left on.

These photos are of a bunch of palm tree seedlings and Pudica cuttings that are rooted - and even blooming under a grow light.
My adenium seedlings are growing under there through the winter as well. I usually bring them in, but they are doing very well under the light.

You will mostlikely lose a few plants during winter months if it goes near 32 degrees. This is to be expected - so don't fret too much.
Frost cloth tents can be made using all kinds of items to create the cage that the frost cloth will be draped over and attached to.

I hope these photos and my tent idea triggers some ideas on how you can winterize your Plumeria.

Photos & Story By - Michele Wilcox 2008


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