Bringing Cuttings

From Hawaii Into Arizona

When traveling to Hawaii, you'll see lots of plumeria trees growing. If you decide you want to take cuttings from these trees and transport them back into Arizona, you will need to know the following:


First - If you are taking cuttings, remember to ask permission of the owner of the tree.


Second - Once you get your cuttings, remove all the leaves and wash them in soapy water to remove any dirt, dust, and hiding insects. Let them dry thoroughly.


Third - Find a box that will fit all your cuttings for shipping back home by mail or if you are bringing them home with you on the plane. Also, purchase some packing tape to seal the box.


Fourth - Before you can bring them back to Arizona, all the cuttings must be inspected and treated with an aphid killing spray. You MUST purchase your own treating spray and bring it with you when you get your cuttings inspected. You can purchase these sprays at any Home Depot or Ace Hardware store in Hawaii. It must say on the lable that it kills aphids. Arizona is concerned with aphids that infect fruit crops.


Fifth - Bring your cuttings, spray, box, and tape to the nearest Hawaii State Agricultural Department - Plant Inspection Division. You can find the addresses in the phone book under the State section in your hotel room. There is one on the island of Oahu and also one on the Big Island (Hawaii). Once at the plant inspection office, you will be instructed to put your cuttings into the sink and spray them. The officer will inspect and treat each cutting and lay it to dry. Its best to take the time to wait for the cuttings to dry before packaging them up to prevent damage to the cuttings. When they are dry, pack them back up in the box and tape them up. The officer will then stamp and affix a seal to the box that the contents has been inspected and treated and okay to ship back into Arizona.


Sixth - When the box is sealed, you may NOT open the box again. Arizona is the only state on the Mainland that requires this type of spray treatment at this time.


If you have any questions, please feel free to write the club an email at Aloha! and have fun!

P.S. It seems some rules have relaxed and there are reports that you do not have to go to the Ag. Dept. for spraying. Call them and get current information. It may save you some time and trouble.



2004-Valley Of The Sun Plumeria Society

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