Seed Starting


James from Garden Web Plumeria Forum graciously let us post his "plastic container & paper towel" seed starting instructions. Connie - one of our members - demonstrated this method at a recent meeting.


Materials needed:

Plastic Container with lid - Tupperware or other

Viva or Bounty paper towel - or other absorbent towel



Super Thrive & Spray N Grow


From James --

"First off -- get a clear glass -- now I get some tap water warmed up like you did for a baby bottle,
pour the warm water in the glass add a drop of S T (Super Thrive), I know it said 1 drop to a
gallon but I did not see any Plumie inspectors around (he he). I also snuck in a few drops of S N G
(Spray N Grow).


Put in you seeds and fold a Viva paper towel to fit the glass and
insert on top of the seeds this will keep them under the water over night. Bounty towels will
also do, you must use a quality paper or the root will dig down in and you will be getting out
the scissors.

In the morning, squeeze out most of the water from the paper towel and fold to fit the Clear Tupperware (or plastic) container. Lay your seeds in like ducks in a row on top of the paper towel put the lid on loosely no holes in the lid required. I set mine out in the greenhouse as it is lit by the sun and on a heating pad, I have had some sprout in 3 days while others take there time. How ever you chose they need heat and light. I mist them twice a day -- this way you can also see when they root or ROT
I do keep a little extra water on the paper towel -- you don't want it to dry out so peek all you want (peek 4 Plumies).

As soon as you find a sprouted seed pot them up in 4" pots and put them out in the morning sun (this is in the spring Only) winter just give them heat and most of all light to keep them growing. Some seeds will not germinate -- those that do go right into Cactus mix or you can use any good potting soil you have."



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