Experimentation With Plumerias

Water Rooted Cutting

Below you will see photos of an experiment Michele Wilcox is performing on middle branch cuttings. This cutting in particular is from the middle of a large branch cutting from a Candy Stripe (Cane) plumeria which was given to her. It was "waxed" at the top to prevent shriveling. Then it was placed in plain tap water and set in a North window. It set in the window for about 2 weeks when signs of life started.

The first photo shows the first signs of "budding" appearing and how the cutting was started. You can see the areas where leaves used to be are swelling. Root nodes have formed under the water.

The next photos show week two - June 30, 2003. The buds are now sprouting leaves. The roots are larger and a bottom root is now forming.

Week Three - July 7, 2003 - More and more leaves are developing as seen the the photo below. The nubs are getting thicker but no root hairs are showing yet.

Above is a very interesting leaf. It seems that two leaves have grown together in some way.

At some point, the cutting will have to be planted in soil. The plan is to dip it into concentrated SuperThrive and rooting hormone, then plant in soil. A unique growing container may be constructed so that this cutting does not rot. That's down the road a bit though.

More photos to come . . .


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