Plumeria Are Long-day Plants

Its not the light that makes your
Plumerias bloom, its the darkness

Here's something to consider:

Plumeria are - long-day plants - which means they need fewer hours of darkness to bloom. Long-day plants typically bloom in the late spring to early summer as the days are getting longer. Then as days get shorter, the blooming decreases.

Other plants, such as the Poinsettia, bloom better as the days get shorter and the hours of darkness get longer and require uninterrupted darkness. These plants are called short-day plants.

The ability of many plants to flower is controlled by - photoperiod - also known as light duration. Light duration is the amount of time that the plant is exposed to sunlight.

When the concept of photoperiod was first recognized, it was thought that the length of periods of light triggered flowering. It was later discovered that it is not the length of the light period but the length of uninterrupted dark periods that is critical to bloom development in some plants.

Long-day plants can have interrupted light which has no real effect on blooming while short-day plants will not bloom if even a small amount of light is introduced.

There are also day-neutral plants where the amount of blooming or time of blooming does not depend on light or darkness. Roses are day-neutral plants.

Those Plumeria growers in California who experience the "May Grey" and “June Gloom” know that they have far fewer, if any, blooms during this period showing that Plumerias are indeed long-day plants. They do not like long periods of darkness. They need long days full of light to bloom. Once they get that light as the gloom dissipates, they take off blooming.

Here is a link to a short animated video that shows how the amount of darkness effects plants. Even the shortest exposure of light can inhibit blooming in some plants. But, Plumerias are long-day plants and enjoy the interruption of light and the introduction of light during dark periods. It is beneficial and promotes blooming.

How Light Effects Blooming

So give your Plumerias lots of light,
and go out at night and shine your flashlight on them every once in a while!

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