Have You Seen A Crested Plumeria?

Thank you to Frank Zotter for these great photos.
Photos are from early Spring. Leaves just sprouting.

You may have seen a crested Saguaro cactus in garden books or in person if you live in the Southwest,
but seeing a crested plumeria is something quite different. They look like fancy candelabras.

Experts don’t know why plants crest.
Some think the plant contracts a virus which is not harmful to the plant itself,
but shows outwardly in a crested appearance.
Others feel that cresting occurs when the plant is grown under an unfavorable condition.

Whatever the reason for cresting, it certainly creates an interesting plant.
The photo above is a newly planted cutting tip from a larger, crested plumeria.
Notice that it has more than 8 tips. Imagine all these tips producing an inflo at once, then flowring!

Here is another photo of a cresting plumeria.
On the right, it has over 5 branches and looks like it is also cresting on the left.

Another group of cresting plumeria. Each cresting in its own way.

We will keep watching this subject and add any information we come across from growers and garden experts.
If you have personal photos of your crested plumeria, email them to us and we’ll post them within this web page.


Photos cannot be used without permission from Frank Zotter.
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